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Dragon/Phoenix Bench

This bench has been a labor of love and one of my personal favorites. It is made from steel and ebony stained Douglas Fir wood. The middle piece of wood has a metal inlay and several layers of clear coat on the wood for preservation as well as an automotive clear coat on the steel in order to prevent oxidation and provide smooth gloss finish. The marks on the steel represents the playfulness of the Dragon and Phoenix, when placed in proper lighting will illuminate beautifully. 51 ¾ “ long x 35 ¼ “ tall x 19” deep.

Tree of Love and Compassion:

Lines of infinite energy surround the words: Love, Respect, Compassion and Gratitude. They are linked to each other just as we are all connected as human beings. If we all honor these words, I think our world would be a better place. Flowers and leaves indicate growth and beauty with a small hummingbird preparing to take flight, floating free of time and carrying hopes for love and compassion. The flowers have been illuminated and with battery operated LED lighting. Inlayed Stainless steel and Stained pine wood.

The Dragon and the Phoenix-Illuminated:

The message is simply love, either for your masculine/feminine self or as a fierce couple. It’s a balance of soft and edgy, just as life can be. Always sending out fierce love and good energy. Red Wood is Inlayed with Stainless Steel.

Bass Drop:

This is what happens when your listening to Prince and cutting steel. A playful yet tearful tribute to a musician whom has shaped my musical mind. The shape is a drop that has a dual meaning as tear drop and a drop of purple rain. RIP Prince. Cedar wood inlayed with stainless steel.

Bass of Doom:

Jaco Pastorious played “The Bass of Doom” This ‘62 jazz bass, although abused thru the years it always sounded amazing and was a huge part of his unique sound. The piece is purposely warped to add texture and personality to best represent Jaco’s beloved bass. Made of Steel.

Phoenix offers balance:

The Dragon and Phoenix is a powerful couple who at times battles not only with the outside sources but with each other. In this sculpture, the Phoenix offers the Dragon balance with loving intentions. The Dragon places his claw on top as a sign of his acceptance. Made of stainless steel & stained pine wood.

Pour some love on it:

What we need in this world is to simply love each other, this piece is just a reminder that with any situation that comes to you, the answer is to pour some love on it. This is stainless steel inlayed in poplar and cedar wood, stained and clear coated.

Lovely Lotus:

The lovely lotus and the hummingbird couple together to bring you love and illumination. LED battery operated lights and stainless steel are inlayed into cedar wood, stained and clear coated.

Rising Phoenix:

As the Phoenix rises from the fire and ashes, she is lubricated and cooled with water. This prepares her for her flight to her new journey. Having survived the fire she is now a warrior and can take on any obstacle with compassion and hope for a greater future. Made of stainless steel & stained pinewood.

Warrior Pose:

The warrior pose is so powerful, making you feel as if you are reaching out to the world and holding it up with your focused energy. Made of steel and ebony stained pine wood.

Tribute to Jaco:

A loving tribute to Jaco Pastorius. The music notes represent his song “Portrait of Tracy”. He was an innovative bass player and composer, combining rhythm, melody and harmony on a lonely instrument meant for rhythm. Jaco’s unique style has and continues to stimulate creativity around the world. Made of steel.

Tree Pose:

It takes balance to be able to do tree pose and I learned a lot about myself when I was finally able to be comfortable in this pose. Balance is key in life. There are two infinite lines of energy surrounding and connected to the tree. The tree roots are exposed to show the solid foundation as we all need in life. In all of my tree sculptures I incorporate a hummingbird as a reminder to be graceful, delicate as well as fierce. Made of steel clear coated with House of Kolor clear show paint. 2’ round.


January 2019

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