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Artist Statement

“Believing that love is the frequency of our universe and we are all connected, it is my intention to contribute to this collective energy with a solid message of love infused with growth, gratitude, and passion

There is a masculine/feminine ambiance with the sharp edges and soft curves which express this magical journey of inlayed and illuminated wall sculptures and customized furniture.

All my pieces are sketched onto paper then drawn onto steel or wood then routed, plasma cut, carved, sculpted, inlayed, stained and clear coated. Everything is always freehand, and every piece is unique.

Works of Art include the Dragon/Phoenix series which represents a balance of either your own complete self or as a fierce couple bound together by love, trust and respect. I’ve created my own type of tree mandala in The Tree of love series expressing my drive to achieve balance.

I have integrated musical sculptures into my repertoire as well as illuminated yogic pieces with LED lighting. You will notice a lot of purple in my work because the color is very stimulating and beautiful.

My lovely hummingbirds bloom and illuminate with a childlike energy in many of my pieces, hidden yet visible.

Finally, we all enjoy pieces that remind us that we need to take our collective light and pour some love on the world. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.”

With Love, Danelle

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january 2019

New sculptures
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D’s Creative Metal Works is currently working on new projects and will be uploaded here as they’re completed.